An Introduction to Navigating Difficult Conversations: A Mindful Approach to Conflict Resolution

If a difficult conversation presents itself, do you avoid it altogether? Participants in this workshop receive a unique and inspiring opportunity to resolve difficult conversations and conflict with greater ease and confidence. Learn to recognize and change habitual patterns, take a “time in” for yourself to maintain your own balance during a difficult exchange, and practice these new skills in a safe, fun learning environment.

“This was a great vehicle to get people to communicate more successfully. I realize now, that as a people type, I can be enabling to others. I need to find more time for myself and engage with more ease in conflict situations.”
Participant – Great Bay Services Workshop

What does the word anger conjure up for you? Unpleasant memories? What if anger could simply be viewed the way we interpret the lights on our car dashboard – as a warning that something needs our attention? How would anger be different for you if you could respond rather than use a habitual reaction when confronted with a challenging situation?

Come explore a new approach to working through anger and upsets by untangling the needs behind them. Through discussion and experiential exercises you’ll experience an amazing shift others have said contribute to their being able to talk, listen and problem solve with greater ease.

Conflict Resolution: Untangling Anger – Yours and Theirs

“This was the best, most interesting and applicable professional development I’ve ever done. I think it would be useful for the whole high school faculty. It changed my thinking.”
Participant – Newburyport, MA District Professional Development Day

Conflict Resolution: The Gift of Empathy – Creating a Shared Reality

This workshop explores four approaches used when we are confronted with words that may be uncomfortable or difficult to hear. Each element includes discussion and experiential exercises providing participants new ways to look more deeply into challenging and conflict laden conversations.

Learn to choose your responses with greater confidence, and experience the freedom gained using the power of choice as you re-enter conversations with less stress and greater understanding.

“Helpful for communicating both personally and professionally.”
Participant – Epping, NH School District Professional Development