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I facilitate transformational workshops and coach individuals in the art of engagement when confronted by difficult conversations and conflict.

Out beyond wrong-doing and right-doing…

Rumi says; “Out beyond wrong-doing and right-doing, is a field, I’ll meet you there.” How can we find that middle place to meet and resolve conflict with another when both sides hang on to their perception of who is right and who is wrong? Conflict coaching shifts dialogue from what is “wrong” with the other [...]

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Date Night Stirs Up Some Conflict

There’s a story I often share in my workshops that illustrates how sometimes even the simple idea of planning “date night” can generate conflict. I am not the story’s author, but it’s a great example of how to navigate through a difficult conversation from a mindful zone. Ann and Glenn have young children. The grandparents [...]

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The Art and Practice of Engagement

Have you ever found yourself misunderstood when communicating with others whether it was verbal or written? Ever feel frustrated with the idea of talking to someone about a difficult topic, and chose instead to avoid the conversation altogether? And what about reading an upsetting e-mail and dashing off a fast reply you later regretted? Despite [...]

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