Mission Statement

Living a conscious and authentic life, I passionately contribute to a more peaceful tomorrow and a world of  greater compassion and consciousness for all offering conflict resolution workshops and life coaching so others too can lead lives with greater ease, fulfillment, and confidence.

My Journey To Now

Over the years in both my personal and professional life I have noticed a common theme: that people often don’t achieve understanding or receive a response, they hope for when conflict surfaces in their lives. The role models I observed in my youth dealt with conflict by shouting followed by silence. 

Since conflict strategies were not taught in school, I relied on whatever I had observed growing up. This worked for a time until it didn’t.  I realized it was up to me to make the conscious choice to find a way to transform my relationship with conflict.

I enrolled in Landmark Forum workshops and immersion communication programs that taught the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg. I acquired new strategies to use when faced with conflict and experienced increased confidence and success. Realizing that others experienced difficulty as well when navigating conflict-laden conversations; I decided to embrace the words of Richard Bach who said, “We teach best what we most need to learn.”

Today I facilitate workshops aimed at providing participants effective strategies to navigate conflict with greater ease and understanding while consciously maintaining a connection in the face of disagreement. I am passionate about contributing to a more peaceful tomorrow through my workshops as a response to the daily headlines of conflict occurring in every area of the globe.


University of New Hampshire

Certificate, Professional Coaching

Master of Education, Counseling

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Bachelor of Science, Education

Conflict Resolution Immersion Training

Immersion programs teaching mindful and collaborative conflict resolution skills based on the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg.

Landmark Education

Creating transformative learning opportunities allowing for accelerated personal growth into unlimited possibilities.

Kripalu Center – Leading Transformational Workshops

Design experiential workshops to promote safe environments, allowing for integrative learning that inspires self-discovery and self–empowerment.